Issue tracking permissions issues with Project Server

A client wanted to be able to secure specific items in the Issues list of a Project Workspace site so that only a certain group could view the item. No problem, right? Just use the out of the box item-level permissions functionality in SharePoint.

Not so fast. This works well until you start linking a project task to one of these issues. If a project task is linked to an issue or issues for which a user does not have permissions for, then the user will get the typical Access Denied SharePoint error page when the user tries to view the task's linked issues page. So far, so good. Unfortunately, if the task is linked to multiple issues, some of which the user has permissions to view and some of which the user cannot view, the same Access Denied SharePoint error page will be shown. You would think that the user wouldn't get this error page and instead would get a list of just the items he/she has access to but unfortunately not. Hopefully, this will be fixed in the future by Microsoft.